Weather Radio

Monitor The Weather

Our VHF radio comes with weather indications to help you plan your route. Our aim is to ensure that you have access to all you need at all times. Weather is an important part of boating and it is crucial that you know of the places you can safely boat at every weather point. As such, it is essential that you know of the weather radio and all that could happen while you’re sailing.

You might also be curious as to whether you really need a weather radio. After all, you might have checked the weather before you started sailing. While checking the weather is a good thing to do, it doesn’t out rule the use of weather radio. The weather radio goes a long way in ensuring your safety while boating.

Asides from safety, it also improves your boating experience. This way, you can rest assured that you’re on the right route and you won’t face any turbulence. However, in the absence of weather radio, you’re indirectly boating blindly because you cannot tell what’s to come or whether there has been a change in the weather condition.

While weather conditions can be ascertained before you set out, they can also change. In cases like this, you’ll need your weather radio intact to ensure that you have eyes beyond what you currently see. This is why we mandate the use of these radios. Your VHF radio is incorporated with the weather radio. You only need to know how to read it and what you’re reading.

Signal Reading

The weather radio is designed to receive up to three NOAA channels, from which you can choose any of the three. The signals are for different routes so that you can choose which route to follow. Understand that these radios are uniquely built for each boat. As such, you can receive a local route on a particular channel while another boater will receive the same on another channel. This means that what matters is what you see on your radio.

Effective Communication

The weather radio fosters effective communication between boaters and the authorities in charge. With such an effective communication channel, each boater is set to be on the route. This makes it essential that you understand how to read the signals and what they mean. This is why we provide the instructional manual for the VHF and weather radio. The manual contains all that you need to know about the radios and their uses.

You get to learn what each term means. Understand that these radios are used through certain terms. This means that you need to understand the terms. Also, there is a procedure for communication. You have to be a good listener with the radios. After you communicate, wait for a response before you speak again.

This is to ensure that you’re not clogging the channel. Therefore, a certain level of diligence is required from boaters. Also, the radio is not a toy, and as such, where a boater uses it against the regulations, such a boater shall be subject to fine.