Insulate Your Boat

Get Your Boat To Maximum Efficiency

Insulating your boat is something you should do regularly to keep the boat in good condition. When you insulate your boat, you get to enjoy it more, and this even extends the service life of the boat. As such, it is crucial to constantly insulate your boat for the best boating experience.

There are different reasons to insulate your boat. This can be to keep it cool, warm, quiet, or dry. The good thing here is that they all go together. So, when you’re insulating your boat to get it dry or cool, you’ll also be getting the others. As such, there’s really no reason not to insulate your boat, especially if you want to enjoy it for a long period.

You could insulate your boat by going on a cruise of your own till the butter melts. This is what some people would rather do. That is, untie their boat and keep heading to a direction for a long period. However, this is time and fuel consuming. So, we don’t think it’s the smartest option to insulate your boat.

Start With A Cabin

What we recommend is that the insulation process goes cabin by cabin. When you start with one, you can concentrate more and also get it done faster. This also ensures that you can do other things with the boat while the cabin is under maintenance. Therefore, this is what we recommend for boat owners.

Cleaning Up

After taking out the parts covering the cabin and you’ve got to the core where the glue residue is, cleaning is the next process. Start by wiping out the vinyl and glue. Also, get to the fibreglass and get it cleaned as well. Your goal should be to clean till you wipe out all forms of dirt and glue that could have got stuck on the plates.


After you do that, you’ll need to get an insulating material which you’ll use on the area. You can shape the material using your scissors. This will help you get the right sizes that will fit into the area. You can get this material at a store near you. So, you don’t have to worry.

Following that, use woodblocks and ensure that it fits into the area that you’re working on. The woodblocks should fit into the curve you’re trying to insulate. There should be adequate gaps left along the line to make space for opening knobs.

Another insulation layer will be set in place. For this, you can use polythene material, as it folds easily and will get into the curve adequately. Following this yet again, you’ll use the insulating material to work on the layer you have just added.

Benefits Of Insulation

Every boat owner wants their boat to work at maximum efficiency always. This is something that requires constant insulation and a cleaning routine with your boat. You have to constantly insulate. If you cannot do this yourself, you should get boating professionals to help out.

When you insulate your boat, your boat can work at a faster rate and even more pleasurable for you.