Digital Selective Calling

Alternative Route To VHF 16

Over the years, VHF radio’s channel 16 has become a busy channel. Many times, it gets clogged by various communication levels trying to cut across. This can lead to cases where you’re trying to call through, but it isn’t going, or the authorities cannot hear.

The problem has been complained about by many boaters. As such, it has become crucial to address the issue. An effective way through which this was addressed was by introducing the digital selective calling method. This procedure is one which goes to the root of communication and seeks to solve all communication gaps that come with VHF by providing an alternative means for you to communicate.

Already, many heavy boaters are already acquainted with this communication procedure. This is because many of them are required to learn how to use the communication method and also go on board with it.

The essence of DSC cannot be overstated. No one is to say what can happen on board that will require the assistance of the authorities. Therefore, it is crucial to understand all the necessary strategies through which emergency cases can be addressed.

The DSC idea came to life in 1970, and since then it has been used to solve channel 16 hassles. With the effectiveness of the DSC, all VHF radios you’ll find today have the DSC feature incorporated into their structure. Wherever you seek to boat, you can rest assured that you’ll get a better experience with DSC skills.

Regular Boaters And DSC

You might wonder whether you need to learn DSC skills; after all, you’re not a heavy boater. Granted, commercial boaters are mandated to go onboard knowing the DSC procedure. This is because they carry goods, and they also run higher risks.

In cases of emergency, there’s a lot at stake, including liabilities beyond the boaters. This was the understanding behind the notion that commercial boaters must understand the DSC procedure and be ready to board accordingly.

However, irrespective of that, it is crucial that you learn the requisite DSC skills and etiquettes. This is because it involves your safety, and we are all about your safety. To ensure you’re adequately safe, it is totally necessary to take all preemptive measures, and one of such, is your use of the DSC.

As such, Frugal Mariner strongly advises that you learn the communication method. This will keep you safe at all times, as you’ll be able to reach out to the authorities without facing difficulties that come with channel 16 on VHF. Therefore, this is something you cannot afford to not learn.

DSC Etiquette

There are rules guiding the use of DSC. Since it’s an alternative route to channel 16, the regulations might even be stiffer. This means that you’re required to use it in accordance with the set rules. It is not a toy that can be used at will or as you desire. You must also follow the communication pattern and use the right codes. Breaching the rules will attract some fines.