Cruising With Pets

What You Need To Know About Pets

Boating is an all-inclusive experience. You might be wondering whether you can cruise with your pets. You sure can. Whether you own dogs or cats, you can cruise with any of them without hassles. All you need to do is to prepare beforehand and learn all that matters to efficiently cruise with the pets.

We have regular boaters who come here with their pets. We have spoken with them all to aggregate their opinions on how best to cruise with your pets without getting into any complication or problem. These are the tips for you to follow.

Health Recommendations

It is important that you ensure your pet is in good condition. It should not only be in good condition, but also healthy enough for sailing. This means that you’ll have to take your pet to the vet doctor and get all the required treatments, if any. This will make it possible to sail with the pet without running health risks and complications.

There have been cases of Tick Bourne diseases with pets. This mainly happened with pets that weren’t in good condition before sailing. They are more vulnerable to diseases, which can strongly affect their health. For some dogs that caught the tick disease, it led to death. You sure don’t want the same for your pet and to avoid this, you’ll have to follow the health recommendations.

First Aid And Medications

You do not want to cruise without adequately planning for all that you need in cases of health emergencies. If you happen to witness this, you’ll want to have your first aid nearby. Suppose your dog gets into something that injures it and you’re in the middle of the sea, you can conveniently resort to your first aid box to take care of the dog.

Medications are also important, especially if your pet doesn’t adapt to changing weather conditions easily. It is also the case if your dog is currently on medications. You’ll need to take the meds along so that your dog can get them when needed without delay. Your vet doctor can also recommend the medications to take along if needed.

Pet ID And Documents

You will need to get your pet an ID that carries its name. This is to ensure easy identification in case of anything that could happen. There could be a need to identify your pet, or the pet could get lost, and someone tries to return it. In all of these cases, a name tag will be highly effective.

You should also get the necessary documents from your vet doctor. After you visit your doctor, ensure you get the documents indicating the dog’s good health or cat. This is crucial because you may get asked while sailing before sailing. Some places may not allow your sail past with your boat if you cannot show documents certifying that your pet is in good condition.

For instance, to get into the Bahamas, your pet certification is crucial. This is what gives the authorities the confidence that your pet is safe and can be allowed to enter.