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We offer you a comprehensive list of boating services on a budget. Get all you need in one platform.

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We Help You Achieve Your Boating Dream

Our services include providing you with relevant information on boating and all you need to know to have an amazing boating experience. We help you achieve your boating dream.

We are a boat education platform offering “how-tos” and various other guides that can help you achieve that cruising dream you nurture. Get on our platform today to learn all that matters to your boating experience.

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    First Time On A Boat

    What does your first time feel like? Your first time on a boat can be a bit challenging if you have not prepared your mind adequately.

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    Buying Your Boat

    Buying a boat is often the next thing once you develop a love for boating. You’ll want to ensure that you get the perfect boat that will match your needs.

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    Boat Insurance

    Boat insurance is a crucial part of your boating experience. You must put all in place to not only ensure your safety.

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    Read The Weather

    You need to know how to read the weather. The weather is crucial because it can change the quality of your experience.

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    Anchor To Stay Put

    Anchoring is the method through which you hold your boat down in the water to keep it put.

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    Care For Your Canvas

    When you refuse to take care of your canvas, it will cost you more time and money, as the canvas will soon need revarnishing.

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    Insulate Your Boat

    When you insulate your boat, you get to enjoy it more, and this even extends the service life of the boat.

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    VHF Radio

    With the VHF radio, you can rest assured that you’re connected to professionals looking out for you.

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    Digital Selective Calling

    The Digital Selective Calling procedure is one which goes to the root of communication and seeks to solve all communication gaps that come with VHF by providing an alternative means for you to communicate.

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    Emergencies are a part of the boating experience. Emergencies can occur with anything at all, and boating is not an exception.

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    Weather Radio

    Weather is an important part of boating and it is crucial that you know of the places you can safely boat at every weather point.

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    The Cruising Dream

    Your cruising dream is our goal. Achieving your cruising dream requires some level of diligence. Many think it’s an easy process where you quit your job, get a boat, and cruise till you become a pro.

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    Cruising With Pets

    Boating is an all-inclusive experience. You might be wondering whether you can cruise with your pets. You sure can.

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    Anchoring Your Boat

    The benefits of anchoring your boat are many. If you’re sailing for long and you need to sleep, you’ll need to anchor your boat to stay put.

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    Sound Signals

    The boat signals are terms through which boaters can communicate on the status of their boat.

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